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Introducing a Network for bloggers.  As most of you know, when you start a blog using WordPress, it comes with a post named Hello World.  I decided to leave it in the title.  Why?  Well, because that is essentially what we are all doing when we start a blog.

Bloggers Are Introducing Themselves To The World.

For many bloggers, we hope our content reaches thousands of people. 

It doesn’t matter what we blog about or what we share.  We could be posting our favorite recipes, some exercise tips, or just simply ranting about whatever is on our minds. 

We are still putting ourselves out there and we want people to read what we have shared. 

Going deeper than that, I think we all secretly want feedback as well. 

So, in a way, we are a network of bloggers and blogging is like a social network.

Social Networking

Believe it or not, when bloggers read and write they are participating in a form of a social network. 

Blogging falls along the same lines as all of the social networking platforms.  However, in my opinion, it’s even better. 

With a blog, you get to give more than just a thumbs up or a like.  You get to express yourself on a deeper level. 

I’ve read articles from many bloggers that have given me a personal look into their world. 

A much more deeper look than you get from a picture shared on Facebook. 

People share their struggles and challenges. 

Some people share their lives after finding out they have a terminal disease. 

You might be asking why would you want to disclose so much information about yourself? 

It’s simple, it’s an attempt to connect with the world around us. 

We have an innate desire to feel connected to others. 

People blogging about their bout with cancer, aren’t just whining.  They are:

  • Sharing their experience. 
  • Explaining what has worked for them and what has not. 
  • Inspiring people who are just beginning this journey in their lives. 

Blogging is a way of extending yourself out to others and sharing what you know. 

Therefore, it can be a way to help others.

Be Of Service To Others

I’ve been a seeker of truth for a long time, and in all the things I’ve learned, one thing stands out the most. 

To find fulfillment, it is better to give than to receive. 

If you want to find your purpose in life, first look at how you can be of service to others. 

After this, all the other pieces will fall into place. 

Think about it.  What good is it if you keep all that you’ve learned to yourself?  Who will benefit from it besides yourself? 

If that’s all right with you, okay then.  I hope you have a happy life. 

I believe that everything that you have experienced in your life has happened for a reason. 

Have you ever thought that perhaps, the reason that certain things happen in your life is so you can share what you have learned and make a difference in someone’s life?

This could result in being rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Making Money From Your Blog

First Ask Why

Before you can make an income from your blog you must come from an authentic place.

You have to ask what your intentions are.  Do you have something that will serve others?  Will it help them?  Or are you only looking to make some money?

With the right intentions, your blog can be a source of income. 

Let’s take a look at Oprah. 

What is it that she does? 

She shares her knowledge with the world.  Not only that, she shares the experiences of others.

But, she does it as a service to others.  She genuinely wants to help people evolve.

This simple act has made her a billionaire

Blogging, if done properly, is the same thing that Oprah does, only on a smaller scale. 

Unlimited Potential

But who’s to say that your blog cannot end up leading to bigger and brighter things. 

Writing on your blog could inspire you to write a book.  Then, the opportunity for speaking engagements could present themselves. 

Just use your imagination.  There are unlimited possibilities.

If that doesn’t appeal to you.  You can always make money with ads and affiliate programs.  We can get into that later. 

I intend for this blog to be a resource of lots of useful information.

A Network For Bloggers

As I said above, blogging is a form of social networking. 

That is the purpose of this site. 

I intent to form a network of people to socially organize their thoughts and resources and to share them freely with each other.

I encourage anyone who reads this, and feels some resonance with what I have to say, to join in on this project.

The more the merrier. 

Namaste Joe


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