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I originally posted this on What I Gotta Say About it.  Since it resonated so much with my introductory post I thought it deserved to be shared here as well.  It’s a great post by James Radcliffe on building a community. Read on, like, and share. But share the original post. Give credit where credit is due.

P.S.  Just in case you were wondering where WIGSAI came from, it’s an acronym for What I Gotta Say About It.

One of the most frequent things I get asked is: ‘How did you build your following?’.

It’s a fair question.  A few years ago I started as everybody does, with pretty much zero support and 5 followers (2 of which were my mother who had signed up twice to make sure she didn’t miss anything).

Today I am a 100% audience-supported artist; I have a blog that is read in 170+ countries by a community of over 15’000 subscribers, and a Twitter following that is sitting somewhere around 66k.

How did this happen?

Read on, and I’ll tell you…

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